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Introduction to Vedas and Vedanta:

In this website the word “VEDA†mostly refers to “VEDANTA†(also referred to as The UPANISHADSâ€).

In short Vedas are visual and vocal representation of the highest level of abstract universal spiritual laws. These laws that govern our presence or existence in our presumed reality (“MAYAâ€in Sanskrit) are literally explained in VEDAâ€ANTHAM†or Vedanta. Vedanta in Sanskrit means beyond Vedas. Vedanta is also known as “UPANISHADS†in Sanskrit, meaning, sitting down near a teacher or GURU, to learn.

In fact most of these ideas are brought out in the form of discussions in the forums convened by the rulers of large wealthy kingdoms of the past in India. Sometimes real life situations, presented in the form of mythological stories, were used to explain the practical Vedanta. Vedanta or The Upanishads takes you beyond the realm of religious rituals.

Your understanding of Vedanta or Upanishads is governed by the enlightenment or unfoldment you have attained and the distance you have traveled in your spiritual journey towards the source from which you came.  Merging back with “The Source†is the ultimate goal of every being in existence. According to the Vedic belief, such a spiritual Journey might span many cycles of births. Remember your soul never dies. In the universal time scale your whole lifetime may be less than the “Blink†of an eye!

The Vedic messages elevate you to a higher level or perspective from where you see a dense forest as a smooth grass land.

With this short introduction let us try to see more in our future readings!