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You are following my readings as I read them in my search for the TRUTH. You may read them in these pages, and hear some of them as you read along. You will see the audio bar with a play button, as you see below, with a speaker icon before it.

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You are following my readings as I read them in my search for the TRUTH. You may read them in these pages, and hear some of them as you read along. You will see the audio bar with a play button, as you see below, with a speaker icon before it.

In my experience it is like driving in a winding mountain road at night with your headlights revealing the path as you move forward.  The path reveals itself continuously as you move along shining your lights in front of you. The same phenomenon applies to the seeker of truth. Keep seeking; move forward, you will see more, know more and you will stay in your path. If you stop, you only see the road that vanishes into the darkness and you stagnate.

I welcome you to read along with me. I do try to provide the sources as much I can and always give due credits when needed. Please feel free to follow them for more enlightenment in the directions you might want to focus.

Please try to have an open mind. You do not have to agree or disagree on any information presented here. What you gain here or like here is your own choice that keeps you in your path, ignore the rest.

The spiritual growth or unfoldment in each person is different and sometimes what we see or understand may be different for each one of us. Under such circumstances please do not try to prove who is right or who is wrong. Both are right in their own way, as they see it.

So let us not try to say to each other “IF YOU DO NOT THINK LIKE ME, YOU MUST BE WRONG”.
What we think or believe may change soon.

We may seek together, but what we see may look a little different to each other, which is normal

Just shine the light forward and keep moving, the path will be opening up in front of you.

Thank you.



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We are a fortunate few who lived in an era where industrial revolution of the last two centuries transformed into a mighty electronic or IT explosion within a few decades.

 From abacus and slide rules to super computers on your desktop.  From Morse code (called Telegrams) to texting across the world (we now call Messaging). We are simply part of this big explosion and coping up in two planes, physical and mental

 Machines or instruments, cities, ships, or menof-war, all these are simply the manifestation of the will of man”_(Swamy Vivekananda_From Karma & its Effects)

We are leveraging our energy physical as well as mental, by outsourcing to gadgets or technologies to speed up our living process. A wheel, (the forerunner of a Jumbo Jet) was invented to do your leg’s work, and an Abacus was created to do your brains work, now taken care by your desktops.

According to Vedas our spiritual evolution to “Human Beings”, is an achievement in our path to the source after many births or “reincarnations” (as different forms of many lives) and their “Karmic” achievements. Only at this level as a Human, as Vedas claim, you are given the capacity to see the “I” (or the EGO which leads you to the “I”). The “I” in you uses the most unique tool “Your mind”, to control your operations in the two planes, physical and mental.

Mind is a tool operated by the “I”, in you and the “I” is not your “Mind”. This is repeated in again and again in Vedas. Vedas help your “I”  to deal with your mind. They are the spiritual laws:

Here I Repeat the message from the Home Page.

“Vedas are without beginning and without end. It may sound ludicrous to this audience, how a book can be without beginning or end. But by the Vedas no books are meant. They mean the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times. Just as the law of gravitation existed before its discovery, and would exist if all humanity forgot it, so is it with the laws that govern the spiritual world.”
:from the Paper “Read at the Parliament of Religions at Chicago, on 19th September, 1893, By Swami Vivekananda.

These readings from Vedas take us inwards to reveal the answers, and I thank you for joining me in this illuminating journey into “The Self”.


Veda uses yoga to take us beyond “Sensory Limitations” through MEDITATION.

Why we need a Radio Telescope to see the universe Or How your Dog sees out side your closed door?

We turn the first page of “Spiritual Science”, when we reach the last page of physical science that ends with no more answers.

The Vedic Term “MAYA” (ILLUTION in Sanskrit) was used liberally in Sanskrit literature thousands of years ago when explaining spiritual laws of our existence in the Vedas. The vedic explanation did not stop at the meaning “Illusion” but always referred to the ULTIMATE SOURCE behind it that created the illusion to make it comprehensible to the human sense spectrum.  Physical sciences operate within the small window opened to the human senses.  The excerpt below comes  from the book “Yoga-The Key To Life by James McCartney..

“Seeing and hearing are the two principal processes by which we learn. We either look for ourselves, read literature, or listen to instructors in the course of learning. And yet, these two, sight and sound, are only a very small fraction of a large scale of vibrations which extend over a far greater range of frequencies and wave­ lengths.

Light, for example, is only visible to the naked eye between the wavelengths of 0·00008 and 0·00004 centimeters, whilst sound is only audible to the human ear at vibrations occurring between the frequencies of 30 and 20,000 per second. When one compares these figures with the range of electromagnetic vibrations now in every­ day use, that is from radio waves of wavelength 200,000 centi­meters, down to gamma radiation of 0·0000000003 centimeter,  it is evident that we are both blind and deaf to a considerable range of events, and, conversely, are only sensitive to a very narrow field of vibrations.

Yoga teaches that by proper preparation and training, our senses can be made much more acute, and our range of sensory perception increased well beyond the normal. We shall proceed to find how this can be achieved.

Many people believe nowadays, though in a rather nebulous sort of way, that Heaven is no more than another state of higher vibrations with which we become attuned after we have cast off our mortal body.”

Please see the Chart Below:


The same principle was elaborated only recently by the modern physical sciences in the Einstein era as The Quantum Theory of Waves and Particles. Here is a nice link: (

“We have seen that the essential idea of quantum theory is that matter, fundamentally, exists in a state that is, roughly speaking, a combination of wave and particle-like properties. To enter into the foundational problems of quantum theory, we will need to look more closely at the “roughly speaking.””….

The current “Quantum Theory” seems to take us back to the ancient vedic “Maya” .

In the future readings we will see more about how Veda deals with Maya.