A large body of water with mountains in the background.

What is the purpose of my existence? Why I am here? …..Just watch the Honey Bees! You will get the answer.

The one question I was asking whenever I came face to face with Spiritual Leaders, Gurus and the kind who explore and explain mysticism or religions. Many times, the answer was beyond my understanding or as simple as “To listen to my talk now!â€

But the revelation came from a totally unexpected source, Honeybees.

The answer is always there, and you see it when the time comes…. or it is revealed.

A few years ago, I was coming out a lecture hall after listening to a motivational spiritual talk given by a Guru. Again, I was not enlightened as my question was conveniently ignored by the speaker.                                                                                                                                                                                    The pathway we were walking out was nicely lined with beautiful flower bushes on both sides.  People who attended the speech were discussing about the messages they received that enlightened them.

My enlightening was about to happen outside the meeting hall, right here.

I saw this, the flowery bush right by my side with bright yellow flowers, swarming with big honey bees buzzing and jumping from flower to flower quiet a few of them, may be 50 or more collecting honey for the baby bees the only job they do every day after building the hive for the hatching eggs.

They suck the nectar from thousands of flowers collect honey every day from thousands of flowers.

A spark flashed through my mind….

I remember reading “Bees collect nectar from flowers. Nectar is the sweet liquid that entices the bees to the flower. The bees climb onto or into the flower and suck up the nectar with their “straw-like mouth and collect it in a little sac called a cropâ€.

Here is the spark…†They also collect pollen on their legs. “

They have six legs and their hind legs scrap and collect pollen and dump them on another flower, yes they “they pollinate plantsâ€. The create the seeds for every plant that grows to make this planet green that feeds many lives. Imagine this tiny busy creature could have created the 150 feet tall giant redwood trees. .

All the honeybees know by its own instinct is, it need to visit hundreds of flowers to save a drop of honey for its baby bees. Does honeybees know that they are the builders of this great green planet, that feeds millions of lives.

If you expand this analogy to every creation spanning the range from tiny, microscopic to the cosmic expanse out there…. they all do what this simple bee is doing….

  1. Sustenance …. Making honey to sustain the assigned existence, and enjoy.
  2. . Constantly contributing as intended to the grand plan, that spans beyond your six senses.

If curious and intrigued please read my 3rd article posted on April 4th 2014,
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The Bottom Line Is Very simple…

Be happy as a Honey Bee,,,

1,Just sync with the simple basic logic that is comfortable and guides you from within which is the foundation, you do not get it from others but be aware this will keep changing and will move you to a higher plane, or you are getting wiser may be. Consciously look around for the next easier step to climb, it is always there waiting

2. Never hurt yourself. Take good care of yourself, you do not want to be a burden to anyone.

3. Try to help any one for a good cause (as you see it) but never hurt someone.

4. Just keep away from people who hurts others.

Collect the nectar, taste the honey and fly through happily! After all the bees know only the taste of honey , but never will be aware of the bigger plan they are in, which is trees and forests. they grow.

Just ignore the bigger plan and be happy! Just be a bee,